Editing Solutions from Enago and Future Science to Help ESL Authors Get Published

For academic and scientific researchers with English as a second language (ESL), getting work published in an international peer-reviewed journal can be challenging. One major barrier to this is language.

A publisher seeing an academic manuscript with poor English may immediately dismiss it. This can be frustrating for the author, and detrimental to science, as it means significant findings do not get the exposure they deserve.

Enago in Partnership with Future Science

This partnership not only aids publication success for authors but it also enhances communication among clinicians, researchers and decision makers.

To overcome this, Enago, the leading provider of English language editing services for academic papers, has partnered with Future Science, an imprint of the Future Science Group (FSG). Together they offer comprehensive editing services to ESL authors in the fields of applied science, from novel therapeutics to sustainable development.

100% Language Accuracy

All Enago editors are native English speakers with Master’s or PhDs from top universities. In addition, they are themselves published authors. Offering their expertise to ESL authors pre-submission, the Enago editors ensure every manuscript they edit is free from language errors.

Authors Can Choose from 3 Levels of Editing Services

Language Check

This editing service is a one-step process designed for budget-conscious ESL authors who require only a surface level language and grammar check of their manuscript. Language Check is sufficient for getting published in low-impact journals.

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Offering a thorough and complete language check, Enago’s Copyediting service ensures the manuscript adheres to the guidelines of both low and high impact journals. A two-stage process, it is passed from an experienced expert to a proofreader ensuring a 100% Language Accuracy.

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Substantive Editing

ESL authors who opt for Enago’s Substantive Editing can expect a premium service which maximizes their chance of getting published in international peer-reviewed journals. As well as ensuring quality of language, it also covers structure and journal formatting. Only the most skilled editors work on these manuscripts. It includes a 100% Language Accuracy and unmatched post editorial support.

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Simply fill out the quotation form and we will get back to you within 1 hour with an accurate price and delivery time.